Spring Break RECAP

Hello there lovelies!

How do I start? Well, spring break was now two weeks ago, but I still wanted to share some things about it with you.

Ahem, let's begin. 

I had a plan. It was called "Laurel's Spring Break Plan"- awesome name right? It was marvelous. You see, I love planning. I can plan for weeks and weeks and may not get anything done out of my plans, but let me remind you, I can plan. So, the week before spring break I almost, almost - was so so close to publishing a post on this blog, and then I decided against it. It was about my spring break plans. You see, when I read it now, I'm not sure if I should laugh or cry, it is that sad.  

I had dreams. Dreams of getting so much work done. I would clean like a maniac, and I would do tons and tons of school. I would get everything under me; I would become the person all would be inspired to live up to. I would conquer all things on my to-do list.

YES. Let me repeat:  I would conquer all things on my to-do list.

I had it written out. I had it all planned. 

I started my cleaning plan Saturday. My aunt was coming to spend the night with us that night. I redid my bookshelf in my room, and one thing that I'm really proud of that I did was put together this little jar of things (floss, tooth paste, lotion etc.) that is to be put in the guest bathroom. Here's a pic:

Ain't it cute!

 Yeah, it is. 

Sunday afternoon I had my regular Sunday nap, and I woke up, and it felt freezing. I almost wore a hoodie to evening church, but seeing it was 80 degrees outside, I decided that would be weird. So the whole time at church I was so freakin cold! - I had fever, that was the problem.
So 'til Thursday I had an on/off fever and headache. It was so awful. WELL, okay, it was slightly nice, BUT thinking of all those things I wanted to do was just painful. When I'd sit up, I'd remember why I wasn't doing them. 
The best part was reading two books that I got at the library. 

Usually when I get sick, I can't read very well, because I can't focus, and I get strangely tired from doing an ounce of school work or  by doing anything bookish. Well, even though I was sick and my eyes hurt really really badly from reading, and my fingers were so cold, I could not put my books down! 

I read: Enna Burning

Enna Burning (The Books of Bayern, #2)

and: Book of a Thousand Days

Book of a Thousand Days

Both are by Shannon Hale. AH! I loved them. There's lots of magic and such, which some people are like "uuuuurrrmmmm" but I'm like "pfft. whateeevvvs". If you don't like princessy love stories, you wouldn't like these. Both are the fairy-princess-magic-happily-ever-afters kinds, de best. ;) Yes, princesses are MY FAVORITE. 

I did some school throughout the week, which...was good. But it made me sad that I had to catch up with school instead of what I really wanted to be doing, but that's how it usually is. 

Friday, was an exciting day! We (mom, Kirk and I) left in the morning to go to Salina to go a little trip to the zoo. It was fun! I hadn't been to a zoo in a while.  And the animals were really really cute. My favorite was the orangutan. He was so fat and cute climbing around his cage. *d'ww*

We also did speed shopping at Kohl's and Sam's Club, and rushed home. Kirk and I left almost as soon as we got home because we were going to a weekend conference in Topeka. The conference began Friday evening with a lecture, and ended Sunday morning. There were about 30ish people there. Not huge, but not tiny, which was nice. The main advent was the "pre-conference" that went on for the whole week of spring break. So Kirk and I just slipped in for the end of it. It felt really short, and next year I'd love to go to it for the whole week.    

Sunday was really great, after church we had our monthly pot-luck, this particular one was Australian themed which was fun- and interesting, I had pizza with egg on top of it. pretty cool. In the afternoon I, of course, had a nap, and afterwards had a spontaneous little trip to Konza for a hike, with some college student friends. As always it was a lovely time and the scenery was beautiful! It was fun chatting with friends along the way. The day was finished by evening service.

Technically Sunday was not part of spring break, but I recapped it anyway, 'cause, it needed to be. 
How was that? Recapped. I did it. *happy dance!* 

So as you can tell my spring break was NOTHING like I planned it. I didn't conquer my to-do list at all. I think, I counted two things that I crossed off on my list, and I am learning to accept that.

How my spring break turned about was not what I expected. Overall was it was crazy, random, and not planned in the least bit. and surprisingly... I loved it.

That my friends, was Laurel's spring break of 2015. How was yours? 


  1. I love your posts! Keep it up! By the way, your writing style is so fun. =)

    1. Thanks Natalie! Your comments always make my day!

  2. Laurel you make me smile! ❤️

    1. Thank you Jerica! Yay! I have succeeded! Thanks for commenting =)

  3. so, now I'm just reduced to one of your "college student friends"?! Is that the way this will be?!!

    I seeeeeeee.

    haha. :) you're cute and so is your blog. And I'm glad my favorite books are your favorite books!

    1. haha, weeeeell, college friends were just in the majority, and if you didn't know you are are a college student AND a friend, but I guess it would be more accurate to say, Katie and college student friends, and Nate and Joanna, okay, sorry, that was pretty terrible.

      Yup, we must just have good taste. ;)

  4. I do the exact same thing with the planning and stuff. I'm like: spring break, I will conquer. But at the same time, I want to do absolutely nothing!

    And Shannon Hale is one of my favorites! I really need to reread Book of a Thousand Days!

    Glad to meet you, by the way. I'm Hannah from http://graceineverything.blogspot.com/

    1. oh yes, the struggle!

      really? Shannon Hale is one of your favorites? yes! it's a great book...I haven't read one of hers that isn't!

      good to meet you too! thanks for commenting! =) your blog is super cute!


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