//Interview with Katie Stewart //

Today is an exciting day. I get to share with you my interview with Katie Stewart! 

Katie is one of my best friends and my big sister. I've known Katie as long as I can remember, and she has been a huge blessing to me. 

She is in her junior year of college at Washburn University in Topeka, KS which she transferred to from Kansas State. She has started now her second semester of nursing school there, and is nearly 21.

As a big sis I have looked up to Katie all my life, she's pretty awesome, and I'm excited for all of you to meet her! Sadly, she does not have a blog, so it's all the more reason to interview her!

Katie told me that she tends to wax eloquent when she's writing rather than speaking. She said we'd all have been better off if the interview was in person, since she wouldn't have given so much content.
But I asked for it. 

So...let us begin! 

Favorite color? Storm cloud blue. It’s like a deep indigo-blue, such as right before a Midwest 
summer storm when the clouds are roiling dark on the horizon yet are still illuminated by the sun. 
Ooh poetic.

Storm Cloud Blue

Random fact about you? If you tell me your birthday, I will most likely remember for a long, long, 
time. For some odd reason, I can recall little specific bits of information about people, which is 
generally pretty handy but sometimes verges on creepy. Sometimes I know a whole list of facts 
about someone without ever actually meeting them. One of my childhood fantasies was being a 
spy—something that hasn’t worked out yet and probably never will, since I can’t keep a straight 
face. Or lie. Or do parkour. 

What's something God has been teaching you lately? Boy, lots of stuff. First, endurance and 
patience. I have a lot of things in my life that I JUST WANT RIGHT NOW, but God’s making me 
wait, and that’s been a good thing. One of the things is a better work situation; where I’m at now I 
think I’m the only Christian and sometimes I honestly feel persecuted and ridiculed for doing the 
right thing. It’s hard to feel completely alone.  One of the verses I just memorized is at the end of 
2 Cor. 4—“…as we look not to the things that are seen, but to the things that are unseen. For the 
things that are seen are transient, but the things that are unseen are eternal.” So along with this, I 
think God’s really teaching me the value of personal integrity and character.

Who is someone you look up to? Grandma McKissick. She’s a picture of a wise, godly woman with 
an even head on her shoulders. When I think of who she is, I think of her worn Bible, the sound of 
the squeaking floorboards that mean she’s up before the sun to prepare breakfast, her meals 
cooked to perfection, her quiet grin and her wry sense of humor, her sparkling clean floors and 
immaculately made beds, her willingness to start to learn Spanish in her eighties, her keen memory 
for details in others’ lives, and the way she still kneels down to pray. She’s an image of faithfulness, 
intelligence, gentleness, resiliency, godliness AND just enough silliness—I hope I’m like her when 
I’m 84! And actually, I hope I’m like her now.

What is your favorite fluffy animal? Like, live animal? Or stuffed animal? Or pixelated, fictional 
animal? Goodness, I don’t know. For some reason, I think of an Angora rabbit when I hear the 
phrase “fluffy animal”. So let’s go with that—a baby Angora.

English Angora Rabbits :: Bred for their lush coats

Earliest childhood memory? I visited Lawrence Memorial Hospital to see my new baby brother 
when I was 2 ½. Well, I don’t specifically remember him, but I remember the toy I got and sitting in 
the hospital bed, playing with the controls. It’s those important details, right?

What is your favorite quote, and who is it by? 
I came across this quote in a video, though it’s from one of John Piper’s books which I have never 
read: “The beauty of the covenant-keeping love between Christ and his Church shines brightest 
when nothing but Christ can sustain it.”
And this is in the context of marriage—the way God works through marriage, the way his love is 
reflected in it, and the way that he is the only one who can keep it going even if the couple is 
apparently “perfect together”. However, I don’t think that principle has to stop there, and it can be 
applied to others areas of life and people who aren’t married. That’s because love is at the core of 
every Christian, and our purpose in life is sustained by God himself. Every aspect of the Christian’s 
life is impacted by God’s covenantal love—“We love because he first loved us” (1 John 4:19).Only Christ can sustain us, despite our weaknesses… and strengths. This encourages us to live lifestyles of humility and repentance, each of us saying “I am insufficient on my own, but YOU, God, are my strength”. And all this gives glory to God and fulfills our purpose in life—glorifying and enjoying him forever. 
The gospel’s neat, isn’t it? 
[p.s. Watch the aforementioned video here if you haven’t before… it’s beautiful! *sniff*: 

If you could go anywhere, where would you go and why? Eeek. Difficult. I’d really like to visit 
the Mediterranean coast. It’s sunny and temperate and brimming with delicious food. Since the only 
other language I know besides English is French, I guess I’d say the southern coast of France and 
the island of Corsica… ya know, so I could at least get around without being hopelessly lost and 

Looking towards Positano, the Amalfi Coast | Italy (by Justine Kibler)

#Bastia, Corsica, France

What's your favorite dessert?  I actually don’t LOVE sugary or rich things, but of course I 
tolerate them in small amounts ;). I’m a huge dark chocolate fan, but I don’t consider that a dessert. 
No, it’s a necessary food group. 
So I’ll say strawberry-rhubarb pie/cobbler/crisp. Tangy and fruity yet soooo delectable. 
But then again, there’s ice cream… so maybe… oh dear… 

Weirdest food you've ever eaten? I was at a Chinese buffet place and I had a baby octopus. Or 
was it a squid? It wasn’t chopped up and disguised, just a marinated miniature cephalopod with very 
distinct tentacles. It didn’t have a pungent flavor or anything but did have a very gummy texture. It 
was weird but knowing me, I’d proooobably eat it again. 

Life Hack you found out lately and wished you had known earlier? After washing Ziploc bags, 
hang them to dry by turning them inside out and anchoring a corner in an upper cabinet’s door. This 
is what Margaret, the lady I lived with this summer, did with her baggies and I have adopted it as 
my own practice. Though to be fair, I hadn’t had semi-unused cabinets above my sink before coming 
to Topeka, so it really hadn’t occurred to me before. I don’t really know if this would work for the 
kitchen layout at home.

Favorite restaurant? Bluestem Bistro! I have piles and piles of great memories there (Bible 
studies, meeting with Hannah, studying with Jess, having my first date with Jesse… etc.,) plus they 
have fabulous lunches and really really good coffee.

Word of advice: When I was freaking out about college choices when I was seventeen, I had a wise 
older friend tell me not to worry about somehow placing myself outside of God’s plan. He told me, 
“Katie, no matter where you go to school, God’s going to use you in amazing ways.” So it’s pretty 
simple, but it’s like that—you can’t “miss” God’s plan for your life if you’re a child of his and walking 
with him in obedience. [For more on this theme, read this blog post: 

Since I have the floor and have multiple soapboxes, I’m gonna keep going. Hehe. 
When I was eighteen, I heard something at a retreat that I had really wished I had heard earlier in 
young adulthood. The theme at the retreat was “Sexual Purity” and of course touched a lot on the 
topic of godly singleness. You can do a lot now when you’re a pre-teen and teenager to prepare for a 
godly marriage. Going from crush to crush now is detrimental for when you are married, because 
that pattern will continue. It’s not like you’ll just switch it off like you switch your last name. Set up 
a good pattern for your thoughts, and your eyes—even stuff that you think is harmless (like eyeing 
that cute boy, oh and that one) is really not going to be good for you in the long run. Oh I know, it’s 
fun. But break. that. pattern. NOW.

Favorite thing at a coffee shop? Plain cappuccino. But don’t you dare think I mean that sugary 
kind, no ma’am. REAL cappuccinos are espresso and foam, no syrupy grossness added. Straight up 
black ;).  

#coffee #Cappuccino in Singapore

Favorite past-time? VEEEEEEBS. *cough cough* Volleyball, I do believe. I started in 7th grade and 
haven’t looked back. When I was at K-State I branched out to sand, 3-on-3 court play and co-rec; 
now I still play about once a week at my Topeka church’s gym. 

What in the Bible are you memorizing and why? I just finished up 2 Corinthians 4-7:1, which I 
decided to memorize because it speaks about being an ambassador and a vessel for God despite 
afflictions and hardships. It’s been a powerful encouragement to me to meditate on that passage as 
I gear up for work (I do most of my Scripture memory in the car on the way), since I usually feel 
pretty persecuted among my non-Christian coworkers. 
Right now, however, I just began my new passage, Luke 12:22-34, which is Jesus’ instruction to us 
not to be anxious about anything. I chose this one because, well, I tend to be anxious about things. ;)

What's a Bible verse that has made an impact on your life? If I can only say one, I would say 
Philippians 3:12—“Not that I have already obtained this or am already perfect, but I press on to 
make it my own, because Christ Jesus has made me his own.” I have an ongoing struggle with 
perfectionism, and so this reminds me that though I am not perfect, I still continue to strive for 
obedience to the Word (even after I fail again and again) and keep Christ as the center driving 
force of my life. 

Working at Alma Manor as a CNA, it has been a very difficult job, what helps you to keep going? Ya know, I asked myself that this very past shift, when I was exhausted and hungry and dealing with a very exasperating lady. I usually come back to the same idea—that I know I’m a light for Christ and I can’t give him a bad name. Once when I hadn’t been working there more than a few months, a coworker of mine just blurted out, “I f****** hate Christians. They’re all such hypocrites.” Then he asked me, “Katie, are you 
I just softly stuttered back that yes, yes I am a Christian. 
So I’m pretty sure they’re all watching me now. And they probably think I’m kind of crazy and 
something’s obviously wrong with me because I don’t act like them or talk like them.
So day in, day out, it’s tough. I often get this dread in my stomach when it’s time to leave for work. 
But when I’m driving, I try to use my time wisely to overcome my moodiness, grumpiness, and overall 
resentment by doing some combination of singing, praying, and reciting Scripture. It helps. The 
psalms that talk about God helping the poor and the widow I’ve really taken to heart, like Psalm 146. 
So I think of my work as carrying out God’s heart for the lonely, weak, and unlovely. Just about 
every week, I ask God to give me that heart of compassion for these people, both coworkers and 
residents, and to see them like he sees them. Thankfully, I think he’s answered that.
So, God keeps me going. =) 

Thank you Katie for letting me interview you! It was super fun!

now signing off,


  1. awesome interview! i'm scarily good at remembering birthdays and tidbits of info too :)

  2. Ok first, Laurel, you ask TERRIFICAL questions. Those sound like they'd be a blast to answer! And second, Katie, I love how detailed your answers were!!! I've only talked to you in passing a few times, and now I feel like I know you way better, which I LOVE. :) :) Fun fun!

    1. Aw! Thanks Chloe! I got a lot of inspiration from you. :)

  3. Laurel!!! I love this post! I was fascinated the whole time, and that is saying something! I tend to 'scan' the whole time, but sheesh, this was so good. How did you come up with such creative and awesome questions? You are a genius! And Katie, you are awesome. Your personality totally comes through in your writing. It's great! And you are so wise and insightful. Sigh. I like you both. Like, a lot!

    1. D'ww. Thank you Hannah! Yes, Katie IS a really good writer, isn't she? Her personality does really comes through!


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