9 Reasons Why You Should Journal

to journal - 1. noun: a daily record, as of occurrences, experiences, or observations

 I love to journal. To write... to write my thoughts, without fear of anyone else seeing them, (well, at least I think that happens...) to write whatever pops into my head.

Sometimes it's just hard to start. At first it feels like this huge thing that's really intimidating and I usually try to void it as long as possible. Afterwards I see how silly I was thinking. It's so refreshing to say to yourself: "Self, I wrote in my journal today."

Yup, it's an awesome feelings.

I love it. Here's why YOU should love it.


1. helps to process my life, and make it seem in order, if it is or not...(?)

2. is a mix up for personal devotions. I don't do it everyday for devotions, but I try to every once in a while. I might write out a summary of the passage I'm reading, or just write a couple of things you are thankful for that day. It's fun, just for a little change up in routine. 

3. helps you on your writing skills. Uh-hu! Really it does, try it out!

4. is hilarious to read later. A year or so from when you write it, man... it's just so funny! 

autumn mornings

5. is also rewarding. Just the feeling afterwards, I'm not worried this very day is just to be forgotten in a couple weeks. Also if I have something I need to remember for tomorrow I'm not stressing out about it, because it's all written down in my notebook!

6. reminds you of the little details of your life. When I'm just living my life, grooving on through, I forget about those little things that make me laugh, I forget so many things I've been through, and sometimes I get so caught up in everything and forget how thankful I should be. :)

7. improves overall focus. Sometimes just writing it down on paper helps you focus on what is really is important in life.

8. helps you have a better connection with your values, emotions, and goals. Just like I said before, the real focus of life, your values, goals. 
9. is a judgment-free zone. No one's watching, no fear of what others think. Just your thoughts on a page. 

YOU ARE FREE!  You can write stories, things about your day, interesting facts about anything, non interesting facts about anything (...), you can doodle, paint, and do anything you come up with!

Whoo woo! Freedom. That's what I love best about it. :)


Do you journal? Why do you think people should journal? What do you love about it?

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