Trip to the Northeast {Vacation}


   Wow. I am so late at posting this. Still catching up with July as it's almost November! I promise I'll start posting a bit more regularly, and actually post a bit more updated information. :P

Well, I will start where I left off. :D

   After going to church and eating lunch on Sunday, we left for New York. We took our cousin Christy with us. Katie was flying back to Kansas the following day, so she wasn't coming with us. It was sad that we had to leave her behind to get back to her schoolwork, while we were beginning the second half of our journey.

   We did so many things I can't remember very many now, but I DID take pictures, I'm so happy I did.


Cute streets in Philadelphia

The Liberty Bell
Where my mom use to live!

Upstate New York:

 This is in Front Ticonderoga, in up-state New York

New York City:

That's the Statue of Liberty to the left and behind us

Memorial for 9/11

Freedom tower that is in place of the Twin towers

 These water falls fell into the "footprints" of where twin towers were, and had the names of all the people who died on the sides

Times square

St. Patrick's Cathedral, pretty cool looking, they were doing to lot of work on it so that's the scaffolding on the sides

 Where the "big apple" is dropped on New Years every year on Times Square

New York City skyline

The Empire State Building

On the right is my mom's friend, our great tour guide! 

The week of full of adventures and fun, ended in Beaver Falls, PA where we dropped off Kirk and Christy for their three week long more of adventures at TFY (visit my brother Kirk's story on that HERE).

A few of my favorite parts:
  1.  The car rides with Christy, taking wayy to many selfies, and long talks into the night ;D
  2.  Visiting up-state New York, I think I'd been up there once before, but hadn't remembered how beautiful it was!
  3. Visiting New York city! I really want to go again, and spend more time there, our visit was a little rushed, and there is a LOT to see.
  4. Philadelphia, this city was so cute and homey feeling, with cute shops, cobble stone streets, and lots of history just in general.
  5. Having a real Phillie cheese steak, at the same place my mom had gone to when she lived in Philadelphia.
It went way to fast and I barely did your trip any justice with such a short post. I can't wait until we go again!


  1. I loved hearing about it after you got home, and then seeing pictures is just as fun. Times square looks so COOL! and Christy sounds like a super fun gal:) Can't wait to see more posts!

  2. p.s. I nominated you for a blogger award!! -->



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