Camp Curry in Review & Updates From Sate College, PA

   I'm here at one of my mom's friends house in State College, Pennsylvanian. The drive was full of movies, books and sleeping. We got here about 2:00pm from leaving a hotel in Indiana at 7:00am. This afternoon I suffered from an overdose of watermelon and cookies. I highly recommend to you not to eat too many watermelon slices and cookies! No matter how good they are! I'm also in the middle of reading Mockingjay, which I almost wish I hadn't started yet, IT'S SO SAD!!

   We'll be here in State College until Sunday night, then we will go adventuring out on part 2 of our vacation.

  Here's my post about Camp Curry- I meant to post this a while ago!    

   Last weekend I went to a youth retreat which is put on by my church's presbytery, it's called Camp Curry, it's not actually a real camp, we stay in tents, and it's at a camp like site, but that's about as camp-ily as it gets. As retreats go, Camp Curry is the summer retreat every year. Retreats are quarterly once for each season, the spring, fall and winter one's are hosted by a church. It's been tradition for a very long time, that the summer one is at Camp Curry. Each retreat a pastor comes and gives lectures on a topic that is decided, through out the weekend. The schedule basically the same every time, listening to the lectures, meeting in discussion groups, playing sports, and other fun games.

   This retreat was my fourth. Since I had never been to the retreat at Camp Curry, I was excited and nervous to see how this one would be different. I have loved every retreat I had gone to before so I was sure this one would be the same way. And I was right! I came out and had a blast! I learned a lot from each of the lectures and met new people and knew other friends better. It's amazing what you can learn and do from one weekend. :)

    It started on Friday at about 8 or 9, for a campfire with singing silly songs, we set up tents and just settled in. Saturday was when we had a schedule to follow. In our free time I played card games, Volleyball, signs, and Ultimate Frisbee. I had never played Ultimate Frisbee before, and it's definitely not the sport for me. Maybe if I was playing against people my own size, and speed and skill, it would be a lot more fun. But when playing with 6 ft., athletic guys running around driving and making amazing plays, I felt very out of the game and spent most of my time watching and petting a mysterious dog that randomly showed up, which is still pretty fun.

   The best game we played was a relay race. The advents were canoeing across a pond that's on the grounds of the camp, run about a half mile, piggyback ride, a three-legged race, the last one was a puzzle race. Everyone picked an advent to do, once you finished your part you tag the next person in the race on your team. I was part of the piggyback team. And I'm proud to announce my team (team black) won the relay race by 5 seconds. There is some debate about it, because some of the puzzles were harder than others, but we still get the bragging rights.

   I really could go on and on thinking of more things to write about, but I think I'll head to bed. I was going to let you know about what I learned about the lectures, but I forgot to bring my notes with me here! So that's for another post.

 -Pictures will be coming soon in another post, I'm waiting on a friend to e-mail them to me-

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