Graduation Time!

   Well ya'll, it's been a while since I last posted, sorry about that! A lot has happened recently. But sorta recently (2 weekends ago) I got back from seeing my brother Scott at his graduation from college! The only sad thing about the trip was that we missed CHIEF graduation, it was the exact same day!  
    It was in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, about a 16 hour drive. We left Thursday at about 11 in the morning. The whole weekend trip was mostly sitting. But lots of fun, in the car I got to read books, and watch movies, and sleep. All quite fun things. :)
   We spent Thursday night at a hotel, and got to Beaver Falls at about 4 on Friday. We went out to eat, and had just with Scott time. After that we went to Baccalaureate (pretty much like a church service the night before graduation). On Friday night we set off floating lanterns (like the one's on Tangled) with some of Scott's friends, that was fun! They're actually pretty hard to light, and set off. They make it look way too easy in Tangled. We spent the night at the house were Scott lived this past year. He lived in the basement of this really nice family with 3 other roommates. So Katie, Anneke and I slept upstairs in their guest bed rooms and our parents stayed with some other friends.
   Saturday was graduation! It lasted 2 hours, lots of speeches and names being called out. We got to go out to eat again (shout out thanks to my Mom's biology class, she got a gift card to Longhorn Steakhouse!! It was great!). We had to leave pretty soon afterward, to get to our hotel in time in Indiana. We got there about 2:00 am, and went to a church in the morning. I slept a lot in the car to make up for it all. ;)
  We got home Sunday night, it was short, but defiantly worth seeing Scott and Anneke! I love them!

Here's a picture of us!

Hope you all are having a wonderful graduation season!


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