The Ending of Basketball Season

   Well, this is almost a month late of this basketball post, but I thought I should still blog about it, so here it is!  

   My last games of the season were at the annual NDll home-school tournament in McPherson, KS. We've been going to that tournament since Scott started playing basketball with CHIEF in his junior high days (this was my 9th year going- to be exact). Whenever I go there, so many memories of the past years go through my head. Winning exciting games, playing with friends, and losing championships, all float to me as soon as I see the building.

  This year was fun, exhausting, and.. it went fast. My Jr. high team played 3 games at the tournament. We lost one player and this was our first games without her, and Gracie was kind of sick. And we were in the A bracket, playing on huge college courts. I have no idea why they put us in the A bracket. They did last last year too, I thought they would feel sorry for us, and put us in B this year. So we lost the 3 games. Not the happiest way to end my Jr. high career, but by the end I knew my teammates a whole lot better and we had a blast.

   But to top the season off, the high school girls team did awesome! We were put in the B bracket, and we played Omaha Warriors, Derby Invasion and Independence Lions. Omaha and Derby were on Friday, and Independence on Saturday. We got first!! The Friday games were pretty close to each other and we had already played these teams and lost. Our main goal was to beat Derby. I personally was doubtful that we could beat them, we lost by 20 points to them twice! But, hey! we beat them! We had played Omaha before also, we lost by not very much, and we didn't play very well that game. I was pretty sure we could win against them. Derby was later that day, I was so happy, I'm pretty sure Derby could have beat us, but the scoreboard told differently. And, oh my gosh, I still haven't gotten over it. We beat them all, and got first!!

   I really enjoyed playing this year, it was SO crazy though. I didn't realize it was so crazy of a schedule until I have days when I don't step outside the house at all. So anyway playing both teams I think really helped improve me, like on Jr. high I got more confident in shooting and passing and dribbling, and in high school I improved on faster reactions and decisions. 

   Coming out of the year I thought it was super fun, and very motivating to try harder and to get better. I'm already looking forward to next season. Full time varsity! Yikes!

Thank you for reading all my ramblings!

'Till next time!


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