Updates and Highlights of My Life

Here's a rundown of my life lately:
   Basketball. Playing both Varsity and Jr. high, it can get a little tiring. Playing on the varsity team isn't as difficult as I thought. Mostly because the people on the team have been around for a while, and I've already played with them in 4th grade. But it's really strange switching between the two. One's I'm "The Big Kid", and varsity, it's exactly the opposite. For the past weeks it's only been Sundays and Wednesdays breaks from it. That's probably why they're my favorite days of the week. Not saying basketball boring or I don't like it. Don't take me wrong! It's fun, but it's tiring.Yes, basketball is quite labor intensive, and I have to run, sprint and push hard, not always my favorite thing to do. But it's good for me. Pushes me to strive to do my best, give glory to God.
    This weekend is going to be CRAZY!! I have a Jr. high tournament, and a varsity games on Friday and Saturday. I'm not sure if I can make it to both varsity games, I'll be busy enough at the tournament, I'm hoping it will all work out!
   My art class. So far I've painted two watercolor pictures. They didn't turn out as well as I had hoped, but painting is kind of difficult. You have to plan ahead, and sadly, they haven't invented paint erasers yet. But it's more fun than black and white pictures that we drew last semester. Last class we did paint spattering. That's when you take the paint brush with paint on it and wake it on across hand so the paint spatters on the paper. It was kind of cool, but also slightly painful. The spatters were suppose to be leaves for a tree and I was to paint in the branches and trunk. At the end, mine look nothing like a tree. Just a bunch a paint swirled together with lines coming from it.
   Skit. Yes, I signed up to do a skit with my 4-H club, and my character's name is Pearl. It looks like I'm going to be a loud, obnoxious person who is kleptomaniac. If you don't know what that means, (I had to look it up in the dictionary), I'll have an irresistible impulse to steal. Sounds like me doesn't it? We haven't started practicing yet, and the day we act it isn't very far away. I'm so nervous about it!
   Snow. Now after Christmas, I'm not excited about snow anymore. I want spring to come!! I measured 9 inches this morning. That's a lot of snow! Yesterday my co-op class was cancelled, along with two basketball games and a skit practice. Grateful for just a peaceful day at home, but also I'm a little sad. Co-op and basketball all much more fun than staying at home and doing school.
    Kirk is leaving to fly to Pittsburg this morning. He's going on a collage visit, to the collage Scott is at now. He won't be back until Friday. It will be pretty weird, I'll be an "only child" until he gets back.

Well that's the update! Hope you all are staying safe and warm!



  1. Girly you need to post more!! I love hearing about what's happening with you!! I know, I had mixed emotions about co-op being canceled too.
    Phew you sound like you're going to be BUSY this weekend! Praying for ya! I know how that goes!!! Great post:)

  2. Aw, thanks Chloe! Prayers would sure be appreciated! See you Tuesday! :)

  3. I love all your posts! They're so fun to read! Basketball sounds crazy! And I'm jealous... you got to spatter paint while I was in physics? Lucky!
    I'm so pumped to act with you in this skit! you will do great!


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