My Thanksgiving Weekend of 2013

   This year for Thanksgiving we had it at our house. 18 people total! It was quite crazy. On Wednesday all I had to for school was history test. Once I got that all over with I cleaned crazily till my cousin, Jennifer and my brother, Scott and his fiance, Anneke, came. Thursday morning I was busy setting the table moving things around so we could all fit. My dad's family came, my Grandma and her husband, and my dad's brother. This year my mom's family came too. My Grandma, two sets of uncles and aunts and three cousins. We usually go to have two Thanksgiving dinners, which means eating a lot of food, so this year was a little different. 
    We also had a ping pong tournament! Such fun, I got 5th over all, I lost to my uncle, I had no idea he could play ping pong! I'm thinking we should start making this tournament an annual thing. We stayed up super late that night, playing Apples to Apples and talking. :)
   Next morning, Black Friday shopping! Ug, I did NOT want to get up that morning at 6:30, but I did. All us kiddos went (except Kirk), it was such fun being with my crazy siblings, and to be soon sibling. 
    And later in the afternoon, with my mom and my cousin, I got to see Catching Fire! The new Hunger Games movie. Yes, I loved it.
     Saturday morning I slept in, till 8:30! Lots of hugs and goodbyes. *sadness* But two of my cousins and Scott, Anneke and Katie where staying till Sunday.
    On Saturday, we got our Christmas tree! I don't think we've ever had it up this early, I thinks it's a record! We tried to decorate the tree and watch old videos of us as little kids. Didn't work so well. We were so funny as kids! My sides ached from laughing, goodness! We where so hilarious!
   Overall I thought our time together was the most fun, I'd had in a long time. Getting to hang out with my family was such a blessing, and I got to know Anneke a bit better. Christmas why can't you come sooner!! Two more weeks until Scott comes back, and three weeks until Katie comes back. :D

Here's some of my favorite pictures, enjoy. :)    

Aren't these so cute?

The table!

My uncle giving his speech about "creamed raison pie"
My family!
Our tree!
The tree was so soft and huggable!
I think we got a little bit distracted

All us us, except without my dads family, and an aunt, and uncle


  1. Awww!!! This sounds like so much fun, Laurel!
    Oh I know, isn't picking a tree fun?? Mine mom is convinced we're doing a fake Christmas tree next year. Picking it out is half the fun!!
    Oh, ping-pong tournaments and Black Friday shopping??? How fun!!!!! Great post Laurel!

  2. Laurel, this sounds so fun! I love the turkey place cards.:) Great post!


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