15 Things You Might Not Know About Me!!

Hello there! For my first blog post I have decided to tell you 15 things you probably never knew. So here we go:

   1. I have an obsession with dogs

   2. I've played 3 years of volleyball, and am starting my 4th year of basketball

   3. I've been in 4-H 6 years

   4. I've never traveled by airplane anywhere

   5. If I could go on my dream vacation, I would go to New Zealand

   6. I know how to east coast swing, it's SO much fun!

   7. I currently own 4 bunnies

   8. I've never fractured a bone

   9. My favorite color is purple

   10. I lived in Lawrence, KS for the first 5 years of my life 

   11. One of the first memories of my life is promising this to my brother Kirk, "I will never EVER like K-State!" Ha! Opps...

   12. I'm "Scotts-Irish"

   13. Just recently I've found a love for dark chocolate

   14. I have an annoying habit of gasping at almost everything that surprises me.

   15. I played 3 (maybe more! I can't remember!)
 seasons of soccer and 5 seasons of softball

 Yup that's me all right! Thank you for reading my first post! Please come again, and comment below! 

Till next post,



  1. Yay!!! Laurel, I'm so excited you have a blog! And I'm glad you came around to K-State.:)

  2. Laurel!!!!!!!! I'm SO excited you have a blog!!! As soon as I found out, I had to find it right away! Your blog background is so cute, and I love your writing style! And yes, just yes, to dark chocolate!
    Yay! This blog post is so fun! Can't wait for more!


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