things I'm lovin // 01

birthday cards
a good book
sleeping in
going to a wedding and coming back with new room decor
finding time to do things I love
my specially made Harry Potter butter beer brownies from a friend
stormy/rainy days
good songs coming up on Pandora
reading old journal entries
planning summer goals
birthday presents that come in the mail
finding cool inspiring pictures
being healthy after being sick
ma new sweats
sparkly nail polish (oh so sparkly)
ice cream date with four of the some of the worlds most fantastic people
Whatcha lovin this week?


4 blogs you should read

Reading different blogs is so fun, you can learn something you didn't before, find new recipes, find new inspiration, or just perk up your rainy day- blogs are awesome. Finding ones with good content and a writer that somehow connects with you is even more! They're nothing like finding a good ol' blog that keeps you there longer than you usual. 

Here are my top 4 recently-found and long-ago-found favorite blogs:

Life Is Too Short Not To Wear Red Shoes by Susannah. This one I just recently found. It actually was a surprise, I was going through blogs, and had about 10 tabs open on my laptop and it just appeared. I guess I must have found a link to it, be I can't remember doing that! WEIRD! But, the fact is- it did appear, and I read a few posts. And it immediately caught my attention. A blog entitled "life's too short not to wear red shoes" just has to be a good one.

She's a super cute gal from Portland, and did I already say cute? She is darling!! She and her husband are wedding photographers. She's a Lucky Charms lover, loves red, has awesome rainbow socks, and is crazy about Jesus. Her blog posts on the story of how she met her husband were my favorite! I'm such a sucker for stories like that! Her writing style is super fun and all her photo's are of course GORGEOUS! I connected so well with her, she's an old friend and we just haven't met yet. 

She's truly amazing. NO JOKE.

Her love of rainbow colors is growing on me... ;)

Curious Ramblings by Chloe. Chloe I'm proud to say is a dear friend of mine. I've had the privilege of watching her blog grow and become more professional over the past few years. and it's defiantly one of my favorite blogs to read.

 I love hearing about other peoples lifestyles and what they do for fun. Her blog is full of it. She shares with her readers her love for Jesus, and is so personable. Her writing is so fluent and feels such like and conversation with her would be. Her blog is truly fun to read. 

She's a darling sweetheart and an incredible writer, whose witty posts always leaves me laughing or at least with a giant grin on my face.

The Freckled Girl by Keely. Oh my goodness. You have no idea how long I've been trying to find this blog. Keely is a good friend of mine, and I just now found it!!! I was (still am) so excited! I knew she's really smart, and is really cute and would be the perfect person for a blog--that  was before I knew she blogged. So you can imagine a few years later to my utmost joy when I find a link to her blog! Ahh! 

Her posts struck me speechless. She expresses her sure love for God. Wow. It's so evident in each post. I love her more than ever. 

It's Just Raquel by Raquel. She's a cutie and I love going through her blog! After reading her page "The Romance Corner" I was an immediate follower. I have high respect for her, she's a journalist from Oregon, and is a strong Christian. She's an excellent writer and I love love her style. She's down to earth, and raw in the way she writes. I admire her so much because she doesn't make herself look prefect and without any flaws. That takes a lot of courage. Her posts are full of encouragement, and she has a lot of wisdom, and shares it. 

Her blog title "It's Just Raquel" fits as the perfect title, it's portrays how simple and realistic she is. 


These blogs are just a few on my list. It's not always easy to find blogs you really really like AND connect with, and I found these. I'm in love! I admire all these bloggers, they are amazing. They each have their unique stories, each have their style and gifts- that. my friend is a good sign of a great blogger.

Make sure to check them out!

To help you get started I'll list 2 posts from each blog that I think you should at least read. 

NOTE: This will be hard to only pick two, the one's I pick aren't necessarily to be picked out of the many on each one's blog, I'm just picking them to help you get started. That is all. *double underline that* 

Life Is Too Short Not To Wear Red Shoes
on being married one year.
- the story of us (all of it)

Curious Ramblings

The Freckled Girl
death by living

It's Just Raquel 
5 Facts About Honesty
My love story with Jesus | testimony

What are some of your favorite blogs to read?


Konza Prairie Hike

These pics are from Easter weekend. I love hiking at the Konza. Each hike I make new memories, and remember the old ones from the same path.

Scott and Anneke came that weekend so we went on a hike with them. :)

Full credit to my dad for all these pictures! He got a new camera for his birthday, so he was having a lot of fun with it. I like how they turned out!


this ones my personal favorite:

Why not have some fun?? Get outside! Enjoy this lovely Spirng weather! Go on a hike or a walk, and just stroll around! You won't regret it!